Weather Information

Weather Information

Trip Cancellation Policy

Training is ONLY cancelled when the red/black rainstorm or a Typhoon No.3 or above signal is hoisted at or 7am of the training day. Otherwise, cancellation is at the discretion of the Senior Coxswain.

In the case of adverse weather, group leaders should contact Adventure-Ship for further information on the morning of their training. Unilateral group cancellations are not acceptable, especially on Buddy Programs Training Sessions.

Weather C

Training in Adverse Weather

Training Schedule

In periods of moderately adverse weather, training will still begin and end at the same time, dependent on the pier of departure, unless otherwise decided by the Senior Coxswain. If the weather conditions deteriorate while the group is at sea, the Senior Coxswain may decide to bring the ship in early as a safety precaution.

Training Programs

The experienced crew onboard the Huan counts safety as its first priority. In times of adverse weather, certain activities may be modified or delayed. At times, the crew will bring all participants into the Great Cabin below deck to continue training. However, rain and wind only serves to enhance to adventure of our training and participants during these voyages find them just as rewarding as those who sail in calm weather.

Additional Gear

During periods of adverse weather, participants are advised to follow their common sense and bring extra dry clothes and a large towel on their voyage.