Information for the Organizers & Participants

Information for the Organizers & Participants

Information for the Organizers

Trip organizers are required to pass on relevant information to ALL participants before the voyage.

1. Roles of Group Leaders

– Be responsible for the discipline and safety of his or her group members in the course of the training trip. Without the presence of our instructors, Adventure-Ship is not responsible for any activities that do not take place on board the JC Huan or her auxiliary dinghies.

-To supervise the trainees and ensure that they follow the ship rules and cooperate with the crews.

-To facilitate and encourage the trainees to fully participate in all the programs arranged. Give support to those trainees with emotional reaction in facing the challenges.

2. Grouping and Accommodation

Day Trip : The maximum number of participants is 60 persons. Divide your party into 4 – 6 groups (6 groups for participants with disabilities) with 10-11 members for each group.

Overnight Trip : The maximum number of participants is 60 persons. Divide your party into 4 groups (4 groups for participants with disabilities) with 13-14 members for each group.

3. Meal Arrangement

Day Trip: Bring packed lunches and drinks. Purified water is available on board.

Overnight Trip: The trip organizer is responsible for organizing all meals before the trip. The participants have to prepare all their meals as part of the training. The ship is equipped with gas stoves, rice cookers, electric kettles, a refrigerator/freezer, a microwave, and cooking and eating utensils.

4. Personal Clothing & Equipment

Day trip:large towel,  swimming costumes, changing clothing , suntan lotion, water bottle, hat, sandals or rubber shoes, medication (if necessary), warm jacket (for winter weather)

Overnight Trip:all of the items listed above for a Day Trip, bedding (bed sheet/ straw mat/ sleeping bag), personal toiletries, torch and spare batteries

5. Medical Precautions

Group leaders are expected to be aware of any group members suffering from any conditions requiring special medication, special foods, or restrictions of any kind, e.g. allergies, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, cardiac condition etc. While Adventure-Ship welcomes people with disabilities, we cannot be held responsible for a sudden deterioration of any participant’s special condition. As a precaution against seasickness, a proprietary brand of tablet (e.g. Dramamine) may be taken one hour before boarding.

6. Destination

The Coxswain will decide on the destination. He will take the environment, weather information, physical fitness of group members, and the requirements of the group leader into account. See more weather information here.

7. Bad Weather

Training is ONLY cancelled when the red/black rainstorm or a Typhoon No.3 or above signal is hoisted at or 7am of the training day. Otherwise, cancellation is at the discretion of the Coxswain.

In the case of adverse weather, group leaders should contact Adventure-Ship for further information on the morning of their training. Unilateral group cancellations are not accepted, especially on Buddy Programs Training Sessions.


Information for the Participants

1. Rules & Order

Each participant will be considered a part of the crew while he or she is aboard and will be expected to participate in all activities under the instruction of the Coxswain or the instructors.

The Coxswain is in command of the ship and instructions from him and the instructors must be obeyed at all times. If anyone becomes disorderly, dangerous or uncooperative in any way that endangers the ship, crew, or members of his group, the Coxswain may bring that person ashore.

2. Forbidden Activities:

 – gambling at any time
 – drinking alcohol on board
 – eating & drinking in the cabin
 – smoking at any time
 – leaving the ship without the Coxswain’s permission
 – bringing radio/other audio equipments (except those with earphones)