Our Services

Our Services

The Adventure-Ship training programs are designed and customized to the characteristics and needs of each group that comes onboard. The training ranges from one day to two days programs that involve pre-trip and post-trip sessions. We operate a purpose-built training vessel “Jockey Club Huan” to deliver adventure-based training for youngsters of different abilities to facilitate participants’ holistic development. By participating in our innovative seamanship and adventure activities designed even under diverse weather conditions, the trainees work cooperatively and interact with each other in a supportive environment. Through experiential learning, skills training and value reflection, we aim to promote young people’s whole-person development.

Meanwhile, individual community groups serving people with special needs can apply to participate in specially designed enhanced services including the “Buddies Program”, “Adventure Companions”, “Life-wide Floating Classroom” and “Adventure Star”. Our service targeted units include primary and secondary schools, Colleges and Universities, special schools, rehabilitation organizations, volunteer groups and working youths.

The enhanced services include pre-trip and post-trip workshops, which allow participants to prepare themselves before attending the nautical adventure-based training and assist them to consolidate their experience gained during the voyage. This experience helps them to face challenges in their future lives. For details, please refer to the “Enhanced Services” section of our webpage.

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“My trip on Adventure-Ship was very meaningful. It was the first time I had ever slept on a ship, and I felt like I spent the night in the embrace of the sea. The night was tranquil, with nobody playing mah jong, and I completely enjoyed what nature gave me. I sat on the deck and watched the stars and enjoyed the fresh air. I cannot enjoy these things at home.

I learned a lot of new things, such as nautical knowledge. I went swimming in the deep sea and sailing. I also had to face difficulties and conquer fear.

In only thirty hours, I experienced so many things for the first time. Before the trip I was wondering why we would have to pay money to do these difficult activities. But now I know it’s more than worth it.”


– Yau Sum Yuen, 12-year-old participant