Adventure Star

Adventure Star

Adventure Star provides an interactive education platform for students. It combines nautical adventurous training with onshore training which allows students to understand the nature comprehensively.

A senior student will be matched up with a junior student in a one-to-one cooperative model. They work in equal base and provide mutual encouragement and support to each other when facing different challenge during the training. This enhances students’ learning motivation and leadership skills.


There are two stages in this program: Life Navigation and Life Ambassador.

Life Navigation: Through experiential learning, students can establish personal values ​​and pursue life goals. Students will walk out of the classroom to contact the nature with real life experience. By participating in the outdoor adventure-based training activities, students understand the relationship between people and the natural environment and learn to respect nature.

Life ambassador: Students practise what they have learned in Life Navigation through attending various community services, including visiting the elderly and beach cleanup etc. They will apply what they have learned and then consolidate the ideal of coexistence between human and nature.


  • By walking with others, students learn from each other, respect and appreciate each other and become each other’s role model.
  • Students learn to cherish the nature and build up the ideal of coexistence between human and nature.


  • Secondary school students