Jockey Club Huan

Jockey Club Huan


Facts at a Glance


Building Process

  • Research on the new ship

    A summer intern Michelle Wu from Yale University prepared a research on the new ship.

  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Millennium Cup & Sweepstakes Donations

    Adventure-Ship received a grant from Hong Kong Jockey Club Millennium Cup & Sweepstakes Donations. 

    Part of the donation was used to conduct a feasibility study on a new vessel.

  • Feasibility Study on a New Vessel Design

    A feasibility Study on a new vessel design was conducted. The design was emphasizing on reducing maintenance  cost and full facilities for people with disabilities.

    Colin Mudie, a naval architect known for his work in designing sail-training vessels for disabled persons, was  commissioned as the designer of the project.

    Colin Mudie
    Colin Mudie (left) with Captain Ming(right)

  • Nominated by the SAR Chief Executive for the Jockey Club Charities Trust’s funding support

    A proposal for new ship project was submitted to the CEO list in December 2000. In early 2001, our proposal was  included in the list of projects nominated by the SAR Chief Executive for the Jockey Club Charities Trust’s  funding support in 2000/2001.

    Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust informed that allocation of a grant of $24 million for Adventure-Ship to  replace the existing sailing junk “Huan” with a purpose-built three-mast sailing junk.

  • Naming of vessel — “Jockey Club Huan”

    Hong Kong Jockey Club named the vessel as “Jockey Club Huan”.

  • “Jockey Club Huan – A New Ship with Vision” Press Conference and Cheque Presentation Ceremony

    Press conference to announce Adventure-Ship has been awarded $24 million to build the first three-masted Chinese  sailing junk constructed on the South China coast in over 10 years. 

    Mr. David G Eldon JP from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust presented a $24 million cheque to Mr.  Dominic Brittain, Chairman of Adventure-Ship.

    The HKJC steward Mr. David Eldon (right) presents Chairman Dominic Brittain (left) with the HK$24 million cheque

  • Project Naval Architect was chosen

    Invitation of tender for Consultant Naval Architect to overlook the whole ship-building project. After the assessment by independent panel, Three Quays Marine Services Ltd. was finally chosen as the project naval architect.

  • Shipyard was chosen

    Invited tender from shipyards for building Jockey Club Huan. The tender finally went to Cheoy Lee Shipyard Ltd. of Hong Kong.

    Jockey Club Huan will be built in Doumen, a newbuilding facility of Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd. of Hong Kong.

  • Keel Laying Ceremony

    The keel laying ceremony took place on August 15th at the shipyard, Duomen, Zhuhai and was attended by directors  and staff of Adventure-Ship, several ASYA members, Press, and representatives from Three Quays and Cheoy Lee.

    Dominic Brittain the chairman of Adventure-Ship thanked the Jockey Club for their support that had enabled the  construction of ‘Jockey Club Huan’ to commence. The ‘Jockey Club Huan’ will be the first Chinese sailing  junk built on the South China coast for over 10 years. It will be the world’s first purpose-built junk for  people with disabilities and will enable Adventure-Ship to continue to provide training for people with all  abilities. 

    Afterwards, the director of Cheoy Lee Ltd, Henry Lo thanked Adventure-Ship for giving them the opportunity to  join the project. He noted that this project would be important in continuing the tradition of building Chinese  Junks on the South China Coast.


    Laying the lower deck (keel)
    Assembled representatives at the ceremony


  • All fuel oil tanks have now been completed

    Currently being hydrostatically tested

    Oil Tank Under Test
    Oil tank under test

  • Construction of the deckhouse started

    Wheelhouse A
    Wheelhouse under construction

  • Building in progress

    Hkjc A
    The Jockey Club Huan

  • Main Mast in the Shipyard Re-stepped; Gold Coin Placed Underneath the Mast

    The mast of the new Jockey Club Huan had to be re-stepped after it was determined that the sails would not fit under certain bridges during its voyage from the shipyard to Hong Kong. The ship sails were taken down before  its voyage to Hong Kong. Upon arrival to the shipyard in Cheung Sha Wan, the masts were reconnected to the  Jockey Club Huan.

    For good luck and fortune, a gold coin was put underneath the Jockey Club Huan’s mast before stepping it up  again. The tradition of placing a gold coin underneath the mast was started as a superstition to ensure safe  passage for people engaged in sea travels and still continues today.



  • Naming Ceremony of Jockey Club Huan

    The Naming Ceremony of Adventure-Ship’s new training vessel “Jockey Club Huan” was held at the Aberdeen Boat Club. Mr Roger Tupper JP, Director of Marine; Mr Anthony W K Chow SBS JP, Steward of the Jockey Club and Mrs Susan Chow were the officiating guests of the event. The ceremony also included the unveiling of a plaque in memory of former Adventure-Ship chairman Dr. David Taylor to recognize his contributions to the development of the organization, particularly the concept leading to the construction of JC Huan.