Buddies Program

Buddies Program

What is Buddies Program ?

The Buddies Program, launched in 1996, aims to promote the social integration of people with and without disabilities through our training trips in which groups of volunteers accompany the participants with disabilities. Each volunteer participates in the training on an equal footing with one or two buddies who have special needs.​ ​

Over the past several years, Adventure-Ship has formed close connections with the special schools, rehabilitation service units and volunteers of different walks of life in promoting the integration of people with disabilities and the mutual understanding among other members of the community.



  • To provide an opportunity for positive interaction between volunteers and young people with special needs
  • To increase volunteers’ awareness of people with special needs in Hong Kong
  • To allow volunteers provide care and friendship to participants with disabilities



Students from primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, special schools, and people or volunteer from rehabilitation organizations