Adventure-Ship Youth Association

Adventure-Ship Youth Association

The Adventure-Ship Youth Association (ASYA) is a volunteer organization created “to develop the leadership, potential and spirit of group cooperation in young people, through outdoor training, volunteer and social service.” ASYA members have been a crucial part of the success of Adventure-Ship to date, volunteering in regular training trips as well as Buddies trips.

Started in 1979 as a subsidiary of Adventure-Ship, ASYA registered as an independent society in 1992. ASYA is open to all persons who are over 18 years old. New members attend a training program that provides basic knowledge, skills, concepts, and practice in seamanship and voluntary services. Qualified members are eligible to serve as helpers onboard the JC Huan. Members also participate in community service and receive advanced level training in various disciplines organized by the Association.

For more information on ASYA, please visit their website:

Quoted from HKET 15 August, 2006

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