Life-wide Floating Classroom

Life-wide Floating Classroom

“Life-wide Floating Classroom” provides an interactive liberal education platform for students and teachers. Our nautical adventure-based training facilitates students’ personal growth and inter-personal relationship. It fosters students’ learning motivation and generic skills.


The pre-trip workshop helps students establish the concept of mutual appreciation and acceptance among students, strengthen their self-understanding and adjust their mental readiness to prepare for the coming challenges on board. The on-board training allows students to learn various basic seamanship skills, at the same time face various challenges throughout the command tasks and emergency exercises. The post-trip workshop helps students consolidate their training achievements on board. It enhances students’ self-understanding and acceptance of others and improve their self-images and inter-personal relationship.


  • To enhance students’ learning motivation and cultivate students’ knowledge acquiring skills
  • To strengthen students’ self-understanding and build up a decent inter-personal relationship