Our Aim

Our Aim

Providing educational and recreational training at sea, Adventure-Ship was the first Hong Kong sailing program ever targeted towards youth with disabilities. However, the organization is about much more than nautical training. By participating in our innovative and carefully designed sea activities, the trainees work cooperatively and push themselves in a supportive environment – learning, helping others, and growing.

Our Participants

  • Develop their potential in a supportive environment
  • Enhance their creative, social and problem-solving skills by confronting challenges in groups
  • Acquire an appreciative, caring and environmentally aware attitude
  • Increase their self-esteem, self-reliance and sense of team spirit

Target Groups

Each year, approximately 10,000 young people participate in our programs. Adventure-Ship welcomes all young people over the age of nine; we give preference, however, to groups with participants from the following categories:

  • Individuals with physical or mental disabilities
  • Individuals with behavioral challenges
  • Individuals with chronic illnesses
  • New arrivals, welfare recipients and underprivileged children


Participants’ Classification Statistics

No. of participants in the year

Average no. of participants 10000 per annum

  • Disabled 13%
  • Under-privileged 22%
  • School Children 31%
  • Youths 23%
  • Volunteer(Buddies Program / ASYA) 11%